Driverless cars will use 3D-scanning technology to accurately navigate the built environment continually mapping and locating themselves within their surroundings. As they become common place in our cities, the data these vehicles will passively capture will enable us to start generating a detailed 1:1 replica of the real world. Glitch Space, created for Dezeen & Mini Frontiers, was an accurate physicalisation of this “point cloud” data designed by Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio in collaborating with ScanLAB Projects. 


The space at designjunction was scanned from two locations at the low, half-second resolution that the first driverless vehicles will render the world in – full of glitches and imperfections. The 3D data obtained was delicately superimposed back onto its physical counterpart with over 150,000 white vinyl dots, replacing ‘real’ with ‘virtual’ space. What implications will this systematically updating replica have?


MINI & Dezeen

A project for and with Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio

Tom James & ScanLAB Projects